Internet Applications

Today is the age of the Internet. Software is offered as a service and is very scalable.  Get your idea online now.


Have a need to develop Internet software, a data collection site or a mobile application?  Or do you have an idea that you want to try out. 

We provide cost effective solutions which are simple to maintain, scale up and use the latest of web technologies. We always strive to be within the client's budget and time frame.

  • Management software
  • Proprietary software
  • Inventory software
  • Jewel case software
  • Systems software
  • Tax software
  • Financial software

Our proficiencies are Microsoft technologies right from the year 2008. This includes  classic ASP,  .NET ,  C#, VB, MS Access , HTML 5, javascript, jquery, python, MS SQL Server 2012, MS CRM, MS Sharepoint.

Technology keeps changing and we keep learning to provide you with the most recent developments. Your software will be developed by certified professionals.

Servicing ecommerce site is one of our specialties. We provide more services than any other company. For example, we not only build the sites for you but we become your web masters too. We process and upload you product file and descriptions, track customers and inform you about all the good things that ecommerce offers. Ecommerce sites are usually done from ready-made carts and templates customised to your requirement.