Desktop Applications

Software for personal or internal office use.
Client server software for internal office use. Quick development of databases for temporary inputs or full-sized for MIS.
We use Microsoft technologies and integration with MS Office to provide desktop software. We are proficient in database and systems software.


Our domains include

  • Jewellery wholesale and retails custom software.
  • Share Markets,
  • Mutual Funds
  • Loans and Insurance
  • Portfolio Management

Although software on the Internet is very popular, there are times when you need software that is on your own system or office network. It may be because multi device, multi-location is not required or that the data is highly sensitive and company policy does not allow it outside the office. 

We develop software for your office with Microsoft technologies and can be integrated into MS-Office. It can be a single system small database software to handle data-entry or medium systems to help you with your business's specific requirements or a very large client server system.

We can help you build and maintain such software.