Live Rates Gold & Silver

Live MCX Gold & Silver Rates

Instant Live Streaming MCX Gold & Silver Rates

Display Rates On a desktop or mobile app

Save time & display your rates on your website for all your clients.

Complete Admin Panel To Set Your Rates  

We provide live streaming bullion rates for viewing on a website or mobile app.
We will create the website according to your design. This website will be responsive - it will automatically adjust to every screen size, including a small mobile.

There is NO cost for the development of your site. There is simply a monthly charge for the rates feed.

We can develop a mobile app for you. There is a minimal charge for this. Get in touch with us below or call us for more details.

We will also provide you with an admin panel (NO cost) where you can set your rates for gold  and silver bars and coins. Please have a look at a sample site.

The live MCX rates and your rates are calculated instantly and transmitted to all your clients to their desktop or mobiles. They can view the rates tick by tick.

The rates feed is available from 10 AM at market start till 10 PM. Extended hours are also possible.

Get in touch with us for more details.